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‘Amazing Grace’: The inspiring ‘Amazing Grace’ tells the story of William Wilberforce, who worked passionately to abolish slavery in Britain.
Los Angeles Times
By Kenneth Turan
“Amazing Grace,” a story of idealism, idealists and speaking truth to power, understands there is something inordinately moving and dramatic about a man who stands up for what is right and makes a difference in this life. Read More (may require registration)

The Imperfect Soul Who Helped Bring an End to the Slave Trade
New York Times
By Manohla Dargis
“Amazing Grace,” a prettified take on the life and times of the 18th-century reformer William Wilberforce, carries a strong whiff of piety. It isn’t a bad smell; there are notes of roses and treacle in the mix, but also elements of sweat and pain. Wilberforce, born in 1759, was an abolitionist for much of his adult life and helped bring about the end of the slave trade in the British Empire and then slavery itself. He was an evangelical Christian and social conservative who rallied for animal rights and against trade unions, which makes him a tough nut to crack. It’s no wonder he makes a first-rate movie saint. Read More (may require registration)

‘Amazing Grace’ traces unsung hero’s fight against slavery
Boston Globe
By Ty burr
“Amazing Grace” is very much the stolid “great man” bio pic, but youve probably never heard of this particular great man before, and his storys worth the telling. The movie, deeply felt and dutifully inspiring, is also an interesting reminder that England outlawed slavery a half-century before the United States got around to it, and didnt need a civil war to do so. All it took was one extremely stubborn man of conscience. Read More

“Amazing Grace”: Not only is Michael Apted’s historical drama about an anti-slavery activist lively and funny -- it stars a serious dreamboat. Huzzah!
By Stephanie Zacharek
The trailer for Michael Apted’s “Amazing Grace,” a historical drama drawn from the story of British abolitionist William Wilberforce, makes the movie look like one of those rousing pictures about social injustice in which the hero delivers fiery speeches in the service of an extremely unpopular cause, one he’ll go to his deathbed fighting for. And huzzah! That’s exactly what “Amazing Grace” is. In the first 10 minutes, I feared the picture would be dull and earnest -- until, about a half-hour later, I realized it was lively and earnest, and also refreshingly, unapologetically movielike. Read More

Praise Apted! Abolitionist Drama Amazes
By Andrew Sarris
Michael Apted’s Amazing Grace, from a screenplay by Steven Knight, turns out to be blessed with inspirational nobility and comic eccentricity—the former provided by an edifying narrative, and the latter by a colorful cast of characters—to bring it to emotional fruition. Read More

Amazing Film Gives Boost to Heartland
The Indianapolis Star
by Russ Pulliam

Amazing Grace Review
Variety Magazine
by Eddie Cockrell

Abolitionist Tale Closes Toronto Film Festival
CBC News Canada


Quotes on the Film

Stephen Farber, Movieline
"Triumphant! A dream cast with a dashing hero!"


Jeffrey Lyons, NBC's REEL TALK
"'Amazing Grace' is a sweeping historical epic which tells a story too long forgotten; the birth of freedom, and brings overdue glory to a true hero."


Paul Fischer, Dark Horizons
"Amazing Grace is an old fashioned epic in the tradition of David Lean, featuring astonishing performances in the first must-see film of the year."


Rebecca Rothbaum, O MAGAZINE
An important story...
sumptuously shot,
and masterfully acted!"

"Amazing Grace illuminates a pivotal moment in world important story...compellingly told, sumptuously shot, and masterfully acted."


Michael Medved- Nationally syndicated radio host
"A movie that dazzles the eye, touches the heart, and stirs the soul. Elegantly crafted and superbly well-acted, AMAZING GRACE is a remarkably uplifting, substantive contribution to the popular culture -- and to our crucial understanding of freedom's history."


Chuck Colson, Founder, Prison Fellowship Ministries
"A brilliant and powerful presentation of one of the most moving moments in modern history. William Wilberforce is the model and hero of my life. I was thrilled to the bone watching this "amazing" movie. No Christian should miss this film."


Reverend Floyd Flake
"Amazing Grace is an epic story that calls attention to the works of God in the life of man. It reminds us of the power of the individual to make a difference in the lives of others."